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    electric garage door repair

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    A Reliable Partner for Electric garage door repair in Madison, WI

    Your garage door is designed to last for a very long time, approximately 30 years, but that does not mean that it will never need repair from time to time. We offer 24/7 garage door repair services in Madison, WI, for all commercial and residential needs. Are you looking for electric garage door repair? Look no further, as there is no repair service, be it simple or complex, that our professional mechanics can not handle.

    Garage door emergencies can strike anytime, but rest assured, our team is always prepared to provide immediate attention. We offer a comprehensive range of garage door repair services, and the best part is that there are no extra charges for weekend or night calls.

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    What we specialize in

    Garage door repair

    The garage door consists of complex parts and systems that depend on each other. Over time, components like springs, openers, or tracks might need repair. Trust our team to diagnose the part that needs attention and use the best equipment and technology to address the problem.

    Garage door replacement

    When repairing and maintenance no longer help with the smooth functionality of your garage door, it is time for replacement. Even though garage doors are meant to last for a while, there are certain times when one needs to let go of the old garage door. Trust our mechanics for the safest and most seamless garage door replacement.

    Garage door installation

    Garages have become an essential part of most households. The lifespan of a garage door installed often depends on how it is installed, the quality of equipment and tools used, and the expertise and skills required for installation. Our team has all that. Leave all garage door installations to us, be it automatic, Electric, or manual garage doors.

    Garage door maintenance

    Maintenance and routine inspection are essential for your garage door to last long. Mechanics sent from our garage door company will survey your garage, examine its functionality, and analyze the efficiency of its components. Maintenance allows you to solve a potential problem before it happens and causes bigger harm if it is not noticed.

    Our services

    garage door springs

    Garage door springs

    The garage door's weight is counterbalanced by springs (torsion and extension springs). They reduce strain on the opener and facilitate smooth movement of the door. Repairing garage door springs requires a team of people who know the function of springs well.

    Garage door cables

    Cables lift and lower the garage door. They work together with springs and are installed along them. A snapped cable can cause serious danger. Our team inspects if your cable is getting loose and needs repair or replacement for better garage door operation.

    Garage door openers

    Garage doors no longer require manual effort to open them. Garage door openers automate the whole opening and closing of the garage door. If you are having trouble opening your door, call our desk, and our team will be dispatched to your location.

    garage door panel

    Garage door tracks

    If the tracks are not in the correct shape and position, the smooth function of your garage door will be affected. Tracks in the garage door are metal guides for the door's movement. Our services repair, maintain, and replace your tracks when necessary for flawless movement.

    Garage door pannels

    Garage door panels

    Garage doors bend and follow tracks with the help of panels hinged together. Due to weather, friction, or other physical stress, your panels might need repair or replacement. Consult with our experts for advice, maintenance, and repair for your garage door, regardless of the style of the panel.

    Weather stripping


    Seals that protect your garage from the external environment and keep it cool can wear or damage. Inspection and maintenance from experts are necessary to keep them in good condition. Trust the lifespan of your weatherstripping in our care for guaranteed functionality.


    Remote control

    Accessing your garage door wirelessly and using remote control is paramount in this age. We integrate remotes into your garage door operation, replace batteries, and diagnose problems with your remote garage. All repairs are manageable for us.

    transmitter keypad

    Transmitter keypads photo eyes

    The security and safety of the garage highly depend on the keypad, photos, eyes, and transmitters. We install high-quality sensors and keypads to guarantee safety and security while your garage door operates.



    No garage door service is beyond our reach, be it automatic garage door repair, garage roller replacement, emergency release, a switch, or more. Call now for services that are up to perfection.

    A Helping Hand in Emergency

    When something vital stops functioning in the middle of an operation, it is often tempting to try fixing everything as soon as possible to get it running. However, handling a garage door emergency is much more challenging than phantasms, especially if you are unfamiliar with and experienced in working with a garage door. Leave all the hard work to your team with skills, expertise, experience, and the right equipment for all garage door emergencies.

    Emergency services are available throughout the week, both day and night, with weekends inclusive. You are one call away from setting your mind at ease from the bothering emergency.

    Why partner with our garage door company

    Expertise and Experience

    Professional expertise and experience

    Skills, experience, and an in-depth understanding of garage doors are the keys to the success of all projects. Our technicians are experts in the field, have certifications for working with garage doors, and are familiar with all garage door concerns, from simple to the most complex.

    Expertise and Experience

    Customer satisfaction

    What you seek is the prime concern at our garage door company. Our response to customers and the quality and professionalism of our work have guaranteed satisfaction for all who partner with us.

    Transparent Pricing

    Reasonable pricing

    There are no hidden charges in our services. We prioritize transparency and offer a reason for your cost while working with us. All the charges are affordable to all needing our services and are not beyond your budget.

    Transparent Pricing

    Immediate repair

    A problem with your garage can cause unsettling feelings and insecurity. We understand the urgency of all repair cases, so our team is always ready and equipped to handle your garage as soon as a call has been made.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    Can you repair electric garage doors?

    All garage doors can be repaired. Our experts have the skills and expertise to repair all kinds of garage door malfunctions.

    Is electric garage door repair costly?

    The cost of repair services differs. The kind of repair, the size of the damage, and the part to be dealt with often determine the pricing of garage door repair services.

    How long do electric garage doors last?

    Depending on the material used, maintenance, and inspection, an average electric garage door is designed to last for 10-15 years; a replacement becomes necessary.

    What are the common garage door repairs?

    Garage spring repair, misaligned tracks, garage door opener malfunctions, and sensor installations are often the common repair services for garage doors.

    Why is my automatic garage door not operating?

    Blocking the signal is why an automatic door might not be open. It could also be that you are out of range or the remote's antenna is not pointing in the right direction. Try to reposition yourself or remove anything that might be blocking the signal.